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Kate, Lydia and Ruby Blackburn

CGDC is a great dance school that provides top quality teaching in a family-run, friendly environment. 

My daughters, now aged 18 & 21, have both attended from the age of 3 and have enjoyed many happy and memorable years at the school. It has enabled them to learn new skills and given them the opportunity to develop ability & confidence, whilst making valuable friendships.

As a participant of Adult Tap and Commercial dance classes for many years now, the same could be said for me! Truly great fun.

The teaching quality is excellent, professional but always very supportive. 

We love & highly recommended CGDC


Ruth and Esma Gunay

A big thank you to Miss Tracey and all of her team at the Constance Grant Dance Centre. My daughter will leave this summer to go to a performing arts college and I am very grateful for everything they have offered. She has loved being at CGDC from rosette ballet and tap class to taking a teaching assistant qualification this year. As well as learning dance technique and doing well in IDTA exams she has a really strong group of dancing friends. They share fantastic memories and experiences including shows at Sheffield City Hall, professional workshops and trips to London and Paris.


Diana and Heidi Bright

As an ex-pupil, you could say my view is biased, but I see the joy and happiness that CGDC brings into my daughter's life and for this, I am truly grateful.


What I learned as an ex-pupil has proven an excellent grounding throughout life: excellent dance discipline, self-belief, pride as well as making many lifelong friendships. The dancing standards are high and gained me over a decade of lucrative dance contracts at sea and in Asia, none of this possible without CGDC. 


Thank you CGDC for your support and knowledge. The best family business I know. Xx

Testimonials from Past and Present Pupils 


Sally, Emily and Daisy Heaviside

Both my daughters have attended the dance centre from the age of 3 years. The eldest has now pursued her studies in dance and performing arts which has certainly been influenced by her time at the studios. The youngest is still in attendance and in pursuit of becoming a ‘Constance Grant Young Lady’ in the kicking line in the show which is the pinnacle for a lot of the pupils to reach!

The dance shows are legendary, being presented to a professional standard and my daughters absolutely love being a part of them. 

The staff are friendly and supportive and create a safe space in which to both develop talent or just focus on what is a physically and mentally healthy hobby! My girls refer to it as ‘my Constance Grant Family’!


Catherine, Jasmine and Isabel Clay

I am a mum of 2 girls whom both attend multiple classes at CGDC where they have been dancing for the past 13 years.

They have learned exceptional dance technique and more importantly, they have been surrounded by kind friends and role models in their journey to becoming responsible and considerate young women.


The staff and teachers are friendly and fun, yet also instil the importance of teamwork, pride and a good work ethic when pursuing their passion for dance.


I was also previously a student at CGDC from the age of 3 – 18 years old and then many years later re-joining for the adult classes which they hold for varying abilities.


Both my girls and I could never imagine dancing anywhere else, the memories we’ve made here will be cherished forever.


Rachael Smith and Keira – Mai Goddard

My daughter has been dancing at Constance Grant Dance Centre since she was 4 years old and I have watched her grow in confidence and ability.  All the teachers encourage and nurture the students, providing a warm and welcoming dance environment.  The dance school has maintained a covid secure environment when face to face classes were allowed and has continued to provide support and encouragement for the students with online classes throughout lockdown.

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